Best 3 Ideas For B2B Lead Generation Using Instagram Stories

Best 3 Ideas For B2B Lead Generation Using Instagram Stories

How does your Instagram profile work on lead generation, is it sponsored or organic? Or even both? If you plan to expand your Instagram profile leads through stories, you can make it look attractive. In contrast, if you haven’t used Instagram stories to generate B2B leads, then don’t worry; it’s never late. First, start to create engaging Instagram stories, then develop your video engagement after you buy Instagram impressions by generating organic traffic to your account. Let us take an in-depth look at the best three ideas for lead generation using Instagram stories!

Background About Instagram Stories

In 2016, Instagram launched its stories, where it became the right choice for brands. Hence, these brands started storytelling as a significant feature on social media. Now, an increase of 70% of Instagram’s one billion users views stories daily. About 500 million daily active Instagram stories stay on the platform. Next, 86.6% of Instagram users post their stories at least once. As a brand, you can also buy Instagram story views to grow your exposure on the competitive channel.

Instagram stories have GIFs, stickers, memes, and filters that improve marketing. In addition, Instagram has got more audiences than other platforms. So when you generate leads, Instagram seems the best choice to set personal connections. Below, we will share the best tactics to improve your business leads using Instagram stories.

Quick Intro About Instagram Stories

You can add photos, videos, reels, links, and visible text on Instagram stories. Every time stories stay for 24-hours, whereas if you wish to make your stories remain forever, try to add your stories highlights. The Instagram story highlights become visible on your profile page. Also, Instagram stories get views by clicking on a profile’s button. Stories have an instant effect than the feed and other content-creating options. Also, it first grabs the attention of trend driving early adopters who excel for businesses to use on the platform. It is a general feature for several Instagram users and businesses to try the stories feature for sales generation.

3 Interesting Stats Why Instagram Stories Are Perfect For B2B Leads?

  • Use Instagram stories in your social media methods and B2B marketing methods supported by the numbers.
  • Present B2B buyers are millennials, and 45% are 25 to 34 years old. Next, approximately 25% of Gen Z and millennials utilize Instagram stories to recognize the recent products and services.
  • Over 30% of business brands on Instagram use stories as their social media strategy.

Best 3 Ideas For B2B Lead Generation Using Instagram Stories

If you want to expand your business on new social media platforms, then focus on the best strategies with time and effort. Also, you should ensure your marketing targets which will help achieve your goals. There are some ideas where you can skyrocket your Instagram reels.

1. Display Sneak Peek & Product Launches

Instagram stories help in building eagerness for the new product launch. Above all, months before a product launch, you can post engaging content to grab your audience and boost your marketing approaches. Meanwhile, releasing sneak-peeks increases your follower’s curiosity, where you can let your followers sign up for reminders for the launch. The pro tip to create an engaging sneak-peek is to have a countdown GIF for your product launch.

2. Tricks & Guides

On Instagram, the stories feature shares top-of-the-funnel lead generation tutorials that followers can use in their regular lives. Also, you can feature your brand personality by sharing helpful guides about your brand with your followers. Thus, these tricks and guides about your business help in converting sales. For example, share a tutorial that describes how users can perform a task using our company, like creating templates, coding, or operating Excel. Also, you can even share your Instagram tips on your stories to expand your B2B lead generation.

3. UGC Instagram Post

When your audience starts to tag your brand for Instagram posts every day, there are high chances. If it is sharing a photo of your product, thanking you for resolving your problem or sharing the customer experience. These Instagram content strategies seem to be the practical option that works on the story feed.

It is ideal for building your brand awareness that features your business among your community.

Final Takeaway

Instagram stories offers an effective marketing method to generate B2B leads, increase sales, and boost your business. Despite its popularity, Instagram serves as an ideal marketing platform for B2B to advertise its products. If you begin to use Instagram for B2B, you can beat your competitors and generate more leads with less effort.

Meanwhile, if you are already working on Instagram, then try to work on stories, where you can revamp your marketing methods and make for new content. Else, if you are new to Instagram marketing, it is high time to get started with your business lead generation platform.